• UENC block chain technology

    UENC is an extensible basic chain based on cross link technology.


Innovative research and development technologies

  • Architecture design of public chain in August 2018

  • Point to point network design and development in
    September 2018

  • Design and development of distributed storage query
    network in October 2018

  • Design and development of encryption and decryption
    service components in November 2018

  • Design and development of safety intelligent contract
    module in December 2018

  • Design and development of innovative DPOW consensus
    algorithm in January 2019

  • February 2019 public chain V1.0 on-line test

  • March 2019 public chain V1.0 version released

  • Development of Q2-Q4 application scenarios and iterative
    development of public chains in 2019


The token name: UENC (UniversalEnergyChain) total amount: 200000000 UENC

  • a、Market circulation of a and 30%

  • b、15% community promotion and Awards

  • c、40% consensus mechanism for mining

  • d、15% technology development team

White Paper

UENC is a on the basis of the extensible for the technical direction across the chain and chain

Enterprise support

Transport chain (NVTC)

Compatible with multiple zones

Safety and intelligence

UENC Blueprint

UENC is an extensible basic public chain with cross-chain as its technical direction. It optimizes and innovates the underlying technology and architecture to support value transfer between different block chain networks. UENC classifies the process, builds a new consensus, and establishes an efficient node combination structure by reconstructing a DHT-based hybrid peer-to-peer network, thus speeding up the public chain transaction.

  • Unique core strengths to create a one-stop experience of excellence

    UENC will implement a secure, efficient chain platform that supports different types of block chains. It will set up a special block chain research center to carry out continuous research and development of public chain technology with a stable technical team. Chain thinking consensus algorithm.

  • A consensus algorithm for balancing efficiency and decentralization based on the type of NVTC and the user attention required in the process of network value transmission

    The problem of consensus algorithm lies in the combination of efficiency and decentralization. Decentralization is the core concept of block chain network. The POW consensus algorithm is a complete and complete algorithm. The consensus of POS and dpos, which appeared in the later period, took into account the efficiency and sacrificed the idea of decentralization. UENC will adopt DPOW algorithm to balance the demand and decentralization, and improve the efficiency of the whole network rapidly under the idea of decentralization.

  • UUENC is compatible with multiple block chain networks with cross link technology.

    UENC cross-link technology will unify modeling and architecture design, using modular components and interfaces to support different networks, while continually realizing its scalability, actively integrating into the potential value network, to achieve the core value of the block chain network, that is, decentralized fair, fair and shared global value network.

  • Secure intelligent contract to expand block chain network usage scenarios

    Unlike ethernet, the intelligent contract implemented by UENC will eliminate the huge peripheral components and mechanisms of ethernet, realize the basic support of intelligent contract, use a variety of code checking mechanisms to improve the security of intelligent contract, and constantly expand the use of UENC network scenarios.


Global shared computing and block chain leader

  • Finance

    UENC is an extensible basic chain based on cross link technology.

  • Business

    UENC is an extensible basic chain based on cross link technology.

  • Payment

    UENC is an extensible basic chain based on cross link technology.



Developed a strong professional product function.

Max Ding


Harvard University Finance Master, NetSprig co founder, vice president of UXPA Poland. Internet entrepreneurs are well versed in the way of Internet development. 2014 entered the block chain industry.

Jason Shen


Bitcoin early community players, Bitcoin successive entrepreneurs, covering mining, exchange and many other sectors.

Niklas Jonsson


Stanford University Master of Communications Engineering, has led communications infrastructure projects in many countries, with international project technical architecture experience, has served as a CTO in G2A UXPA and other Internet companies, at the end of 15 into the block chain, superbooks, Ethernet and other open source project code contributors.

Jayanth Kumar


University of San Jose, California, marketing, Best Buy North America project manager, collaborates globally to provide brand promotion programs to Asian and American markets.

Connor Sanders

Core developer

Etaifang Code Contributor, Proficient in Mainstream Open Source Technologies for Various Block Chains, has worked for Silicon Valley Trusted Computing International Standard Manufacturer and Pioneer Company in technical work, and participated in the earliest Google Transportation development. The research direction is distributed consistency algorithm and encryption algorithm, mainly responsible for energy chain encryption algorithm and intelligent integration. About.

Maciej Rynarzewski

product manager

Early participants in Block Chain Projects have founded Turkcell, a financial technology company, and a single-person corporate finance executive at PricewaterhouseCoopers and Societe Generale, France. He has rich experience in Block Chain economic model design and scenario application. He has served as product director in cross-border e-commerce platforms and spot trading platforms.

Sebastian Rosenblad

Growth Manager

The pioneer in digital money, who led the early Bitinstant community operations in 2011, has nearly 10 years of market and community experience and will lead the community promotion of the Universal Energy Chain and Dapp ecological construction.


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UENC: Scalable basic chain platform to build global value network across the chain

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